Salesianum Welcomes Mrs. Hildenbrand


Joseph Sullivan, Staff Writer

Mrs. Ellen Hildenbrand has been spending the last few weeks acclimating to her new position as a theology teacher for our freshmen  CSI and senior seminar classes. Born in South Philadelphia, Ms. Hildenbrand went to Villanova University for her Masters degree in Theology and then to St. Joseph’s University for her Masters in Instructional Technology. Her husband is also a Wildcat and jokes about her getting a degree from the Villanova rival of St. Joseph’s University.

She speaks fondly of her experience with technology and notes her tech-savviness (so much that she calls herself a “nerd”). To fit the character, she even enjoys watching ​Star Wars​. Like many of us, she finds herself playing computer games and surfing the web. She additionally loves S​tar Trek​, especially the Next Generation with Patrick Stewart as ​Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Before coming to Sallies, she taught grades 6 through 12 at the Academy of Notre Dame and was also the Theology Department Chair and middle school assistant soccer coach. She ultimately taught theology at Villanova University and additionally taught at Bishop Eustace Prep in New Jersey, which was co-ed. Noting the irony of her transition from an all-girls and co-ed high school to Salesianum, she says that it was the reputation of the Brotherhood that inspired the change. In reflection, Ms. Hildenbrand affirms the Brotherhood by saying that we have made it a pleasant transition into Salesianum. As she is enthusiastic about this new chapter in her profession, let’s welcome Mrs. Hildenbrand to our Salesian family!


What is your favorite music group? I​ ’d have to say the Beatles. (She met the late Beatles’s legend, John Lennon!)

What is your favorite food? ​My favorite food is Pizza. (She’ll love our cafeteria pizza)

What is your favorite TV show? ​Either Mash ​or ​Modern Family.​

What is your favorite book? I​ loved Harry Potter.

What is your favorite movie? O​nly 1 choice? Probably ​Big Fish.​

What is your favorite theme park? ​Disney, I went four times last year.