​Tesla: Clear the Way as Other Car Brands Charge Up

Matthew Horan, Reporting Journalist

As of 2020, Tesla Motor Groups is the most known and credited electric car brand on the market. This company has emerged to the surface of zero emissions vehicles under the ownership of entrepreneur Elon Musk.

At the moment, Tesla offers three different vehicles for buyers to choose from their inventory. The model 3 is currently the most affordable of the three cars with a starting base price at $35,690, with many different options and packages to offer and therefore boost the price of this modern sedan. Tesla’s next two cars are more similar in price with the Model S coming in at a starting price of $74,490 and the Model X at $79,690. The Model S is a sedan that has more of a sporty exterior design compared to the Model 3, along with quicker performance and longer range. On the other hand, the Model X is seen as more of a family car when compared to Tesla’s other two vehicles. The Model X has an exterior design that is more typical to a larger SUV in the world of motors, while still offering an extended range.

Although these Tesla-made cars are the flagship vehicles of the electric car market at the moment, other companies have begun to make competitors that could one day be held to the same regard. For the longest time, the company Audi has been at the top of the production line of luxury sedans and SUVs. However, they have recently dipped their toe into the electric car market with the manufacturing of the E-Tron. This new Audi model is low in rage compared to other electric vehicles coming in at only 204 miles per charge, however makes up for it in the quality of its interior. With the body style of an SUV and a base price of $75,000, the E-Tron is likely to start competing with Tesla’s Model X.

Volkswagen has also begun their journey into the market of electric cars. Recently, the German car company has made their new electric vehicle, the E-Golf, available at most dealers. This model was taken directly from the Volkswagen Golf, a gas powered hatchback that has been available to consumers for years. The E-Golf is definitely lacking when it comes to range with only 123 miles available on a full charge; however, it is considerably less expensive than all the Tesla models. With a starting price at $31,895, the E-Golf is more affordable compared to Tesla’s cheapest Model 3. This would be a good car for those who only travel leisurely; maybe not the best for a road trip though.

Perhaps the most exciting when it comes to electric vehicles, Porsche also wants in with their new model, the Tycan. This is a car that is meant to be compared with Tesla’s Model S with a very sporty exterior and the performance to go with it. While still lacking in range to the Model S, the Tycan is the only other electric car on the market that can compete with the Model S in performance. With both cars having similar 0-60 times of a little above two seconds, it’s safe to say neither of them are lacking in speed. However, it really comes down to the idea that the consumer is buying a Porsche-made vehicle with the Tycan. The Tycan also has more to offer when it comes to customizability compared to its competitor, the Model S.