A Letter to my Future Self

Seniors open letters from start of Freshman year


Lucas Loessner

Dear Future Me, this is pretty cool, your first day of high school. I’m liking the upperclassmen house leaders. These four years are going to be great. I hope you make a lot of new friends, work hard, make varsity, and get into the first college of your choice. See you in 2020.

Every year during the freshman orientation, wide eyed, nervous, excited freshmen are asked to write a letter to their future selves. These letters are opened four years later at the start of the school year; this year during Ring Mass.

For most freshmen, the prospect of becoming a senior in high school seems an eternity away. But sure enough, freshman grow older, time passes by, and on the day of the ring mass, seniors can be heard saying “I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by.”

The Center for Faith & Justice finds heavy significance in having freshmen write these letters every year. “The Letter represents the four years of commitment demonstrated by the students during their time in high school,” said Mr. Ryan, Director of the CFJ. “The letter serves as an opportunity for students to reflect back to four years ago, evaluate where they are at now, and look ahead to where they are going to be in the next 40 years.” 

Preserving the letters is no easy task either. If all students complete these letters during freshman orientation, then the CFJ is responsible for preserving and keeping track of nearly 1000 letters. Mr. Ryan and the CFJ have a filing system in place in which they are able to keep all of the letters alphabetically organized. 

The consensus amongst seniors was that viewing the letters was both enjoyable and retrospective. “It was a memorable experience reading my freshman letter, it was really interesting seeing what I said, and I can gladly say that I lived up to what I asked in my letter.” Said Gabriel Badel ‘21. “I felt like I was the same person freshman year as I am now, but after reading the letter I realized how much I have changed in these past four years.”

Freshmen letters are an important part of the Salesianum experience. Not only does it allow you to see how you have changed through your four years at Salesianum. It shows your commitment to your goals and paints a perfect picture of where you will be in the future.  Now that this Chapter is closing and you feel like you’ve reached your goal the hard part begins, imagining what you’d write to your future self for the year 2025.