The Philadelphia Phillies Wrap Up A Busy Offseason

Tom Cellucci, Editor

Philadelphia fans have become all too familiar with the phrase, “trust the process.” Well that is exactly what Phillies President Andy McPhail is asking of the fans. He fully expects the Phillies to be a bottom half team this season but said in a statement recently that he expects the team to participate in a playoff push as early as next season. Phillies’ manager Pete Mackanin hopes his team can have their first .500 season since 2014. So the question remains: What have the Phillies done this offseason to improve their team for down the road?

The Phillies, like many teams around the MLB, had a very quiet offseason. There were not any big blockbuster trades or big signings this offseason that shook up the league. However, I would give the Phillies a “B” as a grade for their offseason moves. As a team that is rebuilding they fully realize that they do not need superstars now but rather in 2 or 3 years from now. They did go out and get good young talent like Michael Saunders who made the all star team last year with the Toronto Blue Jays. The Phillies also saw the departures of their last 2008 roster member in Ryan Howard which was an excellent move because it saved them $25 million and relieved the clog that they have had at first base for years now. The Phillies also signed Howie Kendrick, who lost his job at second base from none other than former Phillie Chase Utley, and Clay Bucholtz in order to add some veteran experience to this woefully inexperienced team. Clay Bucholtz is also a 2 time all star, won the World Series with the Red Sox in 2013, and threw a no-hitter in his first ever career start in 2007. The Phillies are hoping that these well experienced players can help reign in their young players and show them a proper work ethic for the MLB. While it may seem as though this is going to be another losing season for the Phils there is some hope in all this.

There is a lot of hope that comes along with the Phillies when you consider their extremely young squad. Three names Phillies fans can be excited about are JP Crwaford, brother of former Rays superstar Carl Crawford, Mickey Moniak, last year’s first overall pick, and Jorge Alfaro. All three of these players were named in’s top 100 prospects. However, the Phillies have been known to go down this road before and not get a return on their investment. For example, in the early 2000s the Phillies acquired Jeremy Giambi, brother of former Yankee superstar Jason Giambi, from the A’s. They thought he was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. He lasted one season and then was shipped off to Boston. Some other examples include the Phillies had Vince DiMaggio instead of Joe DiMaggio or Mike Maddox instead of Greg Maddox. I think you get the picture. Hopefully though JP Crawford can change that trend and be one the greatest players this organization has ever seen.

Phillies “Phans” should expect another losing season for the third year in a row but you have to be excited with what they are doing with their team. They are bringing in good young talent to ensure that this team will be great for years. They are also bringing in experienced players not to win now but to teach the young players the ways of the MLB. They also have have some good young talent that appears to be primed and ready to go. While on the surface it appears that there might not be anything to be excited for Phillies fans should trust what this front office is doing and be ready for a run in the next few years.