Residents Evacuate as Florence Makes Landfall

Storm’s outer bands begin to lash coast as forecasters warn it could sit for days

Max Silverstein '20, Contributor

All across the east coast, people are bracing themselves for what is predicted to be the storm of a lifetime. The category four storm, Hurricane Florence is currently brewing over the Atlantic.
Although most east coast states are expected to experience significant rainfall and winds, the Carolinas are predicted to experience the worst conditions.

I was able to contact Lydia Carmer, a junior at University of North Carolina Wilmington campus, and ask about the current conditions of the town. She described the town as in a state of complete chaos, with people swarming grocery stores and emptying the shelves. 24/7.

On Monday, the campus had a mandatory evacuation to ensure the safety of all students. They were asked to take as many personal belongings with them as possible, as there is expected to be a significant amount of damage to the dorms when they return, including broken windows and water damage from flooding. It is currently uncertain when classes will resume.

The state of emergency continues in the next state down, South Carolina. Most schools have been closed all week, and are unsure of when they will reopen. Similarly to North Carolina, citizens are advised to store away any outside furniture, stock up on non-perishables and charge their cell phones. It is predicted that the severity of the storm will be less in most regions of South Carolina, but only time will tell.

As for Delaware, heavy rain and winds are expected, but not on the same scale as the southern states. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the storm.