Lifeguards Required for Fall Production

Brendan Fink '19, Contributor

$5 is all it costs for an elevator pass to get to Salesianum’s infamous rooftop pool. However, with this fall’s production of Metamorphoses, freshmen can save their money for a few cookies at lunch. With the help of Mr. Locke and the stage crew, Salesianum School Theater is attempting to pull off one of their craziest stunts to date. 

Metamorphoses is not like other SST productions, due to the fact that it is operating under a reverse stage mechanism. The audience will sit on the stage for this show, and the actors will perform in the pool and within the surrounding area. The pool is being built out from the current stage area all the way into the first row of seats. A platform is going to be built to stabilize the pool during the shows. This isn’t your normal chlorine pool, however. The pool for Metamorphoses will be completely filled with saltwater. Chlorine, obviously, is a chemical, and if you’re in a chlorinated pool for too long, it will begin to damage the equipment and can possibly harm your vocal chords. With the amount of performing the cast will be doing this fall, saltwater instead of chlorine is a blessing for the actors. 

This production’s pool is no joke. It will take countless hours of preparation to install the correct safety precautions as well as stage supports for stability. Jack Krukiel ‘21, a stage crew member for Metamorphoses, told us that the hardest part about building the pool is having to maintain it. “We’re going to have to refill it, make sure it’s the right temperature, and empty it.” According to Krukiel, the pool will be emptied after each show. The crew will need to fill it again each night because Friday night’s water can’t be used for for Saturday night’s show. 

Salesianum’s indoor pool is going to be quite the undertaking. However, with correct preparation, Metamorphoses will be one of SST’s most exciting productions to date.