Flag Football Tournament Kicks Off SALSTHON 2019 Campaign

4th Annual Event Partners with Ursuline Student Council


Ben Williams '19, Sports Editor

This past Saturday, Ursuline and Salesianum held their 4th Annual Flag Football Tournament in support of SALSTHON 2019. Entering the tournament, Team Team Team captained by Kieran Monahan ‘19 were looking to avenge their title by going for a three peat. The competition would prove to be tough as new teams made their rounds and attempted to claim the crown for themselves. In the most exhilarating matchup of the day, the championship game once again included Team Team Team for a third straight year going up against an amateur squad in Team Ajay captained by Patrick Boyle ‘20.

At the start of the day, it was clear these two teams were obvious candidates to make it all the way. Flawless throughout the tournament, Team Ajay never lost a game. They even upset Team Team Team in one of the final rounds of the day. Team Team Team gave them a run for their money, but could not find a rhythm in a very short and close contest losing 14-6. After their first loss in 3 years, Team Team Team fought their way back from the consolation bracket and made it to the championship. Once it was known that these two teams would be playing each other for the second time that day, everyone became excited and optimistic. When the championship game finally arrived, it would soon turn out to be one of the best yet.

Led by quarterback Ben Williams ‘19, Team Team Team could not be stopped on offense. The pinpoint accuracy of his throws combined with the talent they had at the receiver position created for a nightmarish matchup. To their surprise, Team Ajay equally matched those feats. Led by quarterback Ajay Patell ‘20, the quickness of his receivers proved to be too much to handle for Team Team Team. In a fair assessment, it was safe to say that neither team could stop one another. In the end, it came down to one singular point made from a conversion that knocked off the two time defending champions. The upset will be remembered by many, and this year’s tournament will surely go down as the most competitive.

Going into next year, Team Ajay will be going for a two peat with hopes of tying Team Team Team for most titles in the tournament’s now 4 year existence. It will certainly be a tall order as many of this past years junior teams were very talented. If any team can do it though, it’s clearly Team Ajay as their tremendous accomplishment shows they have what it takes to continue their success.