Salesianum Dining Center – New Sights, New Bites


Liam Furlong, Editor-in-Chief

From 7:00 to 3:00 every day, the Salesianum dining center always draws a crowd. It’s the go-to spot whenever students need to fill up with a meal at lunch, have a bad case of the munchies midday, or just want to hang out with their friends over a hearty plate of food. Despite all of this, the Salesianum cafeteria is only getting bigger and better. Beginning August of 2018, the NexDine catering company has made some dramatic menu modifications, bringing forth a  variety of items and innovations to the table this year.

Having gotten the chance to hear the men and women working behind the counter, this reporter can tell that NexDine is trying to be more than just a food company this year. “It’s such a vast variety of food options,” commented Head Chef Paul. “These are our ideas coming to life, and seeing these ideas through from start to actual execution is such an amazing thing, especially when the students enjoy them.” The chefs downstairs are truly putting passion behind their products, and are doing their best to broaden the horizons of the 2018 Salesians.

Overall, a majority of the student body has embraced these new items, with products like salmon and yuka fries flying off of the shelves! The chefs couldn’t be happier about how this year is going. Chef Tomlin, a veteran chef here at Salesianum, said, “I see a difference in the students this year, I really do. The way that they’re accepting the change is completely different from last year, and I think that this is because myself, Paul, and the rest of the management team have been behind the products. This is change for the better.”

However, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone, and some students have not been too receptive to these new lunch-time launches. Sophomore Thomas King remarked to this reporter that, “The food is too exotic, and I just want some pizza, burgers, and chicken on the daily.” The company cooks have taken notice of this, with Chef Paul stating, “You hear the war stories about how when one day you don’t serve chicken fingers, kids revolt. But at the same time, the students need to have trust in our new program, which makes for an easier transition not only for us, but the students as well.” It is the kitchen’s hope that students embrace their lunch with open minds and open stomachs, and give the new culinary creations a chance.

Despite the wide range of feedback presented by the students, the men and women behind the counter are still continuing to innovate. “In my mind, the best is yet to come,” remarked Chef Jeremy. “Come semester two, when we have our feet on the ground and a better grasp of the program, we’ll be introducing some other features, like a liquid nitrogen frozen yogurt stand.” Whether for or against Salesianum’s new servings, these fresh additions are here to stay, and students will have to wait with bated breath to see what’s yet to come. Bon appetite, Salesianum!