New Schedule at Salesianum


Nicholas Reichert, Staff Writer

This year, Salesianum has decided to implement a new daily schedule. Now, students rotate classes through A through H days, and have longer periods on X and Y days. A FLEX period will follow 2nd period on most days, and most Wednesdays will feature FLEX at the end of the day, so some students can get home earlier. Additionally, on V+J days, which are reserved for Mass days, students will see all eight of their class periods.

    This schedule is much different from previous years. For freshmen or transfer students, the schedule may not stick out as a new thing, as there are so many other aspects of Salesianum to get adjusted to. Yet, they may be surprised to hear that students used to follow an A-G cycle without any FLEX time.

    In comparison to the old cycle, the new schedule gives students many more opportunities. For one, students now can meet with their teacher during FLEX in order to catch up on missed work or to practice a skill they need extra help on. Also, clubs and intramurals are much more accessible to students, as they can meet with groups during the mid-day FLEX.

    With that being said, this reporter urges all students, especially our freshmen, our transfer students, and anyone feeling a bit out of place to get involved. I am sure that prior to starting your school year at Salesianum, you heard this spiel numerous times, but it is so important. Not to belabor the point much more, but you can meet so many people, pursue new academic and athletic endeavors, and make lasting memories.

    Overall, Slasianum’s new schedule with FLEX time should help students make the most of their time here. Hopefully, the schedule stays for many years to come so that current and future students can reap its benefits.