Salesians In Action… Revamped!


Nicholas Reichert, Staff Writer

This school year, Salesians in Action will be putting a new twist on student service. The club, which focuses on volunteer work and community service, is taking a new approach to engage students. In previous years, the club has simply done service projects for local nonprofits, which is great by all means, but it will be even more fulfilling and charitable this year. With the the help of Father Beretta, the Center for Faith and Justice, and its student leaders, Salesians in Action will carry out the Mercy Challenge.

    This program, dubbed a “Challenge” by Father Beretta will encourage students to complete service based around the 7 Corporal works of Mercy. For those who do not know, the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy are a set of guidelines laid out by Jesus as to how to help our communities. These are described as “bodily works of charity.” For this year, the Salesians in Action will complete a service project revolving around a Corporal Work of Mercy every month. All of them that the club will focus on are:

  • Feed the Hungry
  • Give Drink to the Thirsty
  • Clothe the Naked
  • Shelter the Homeless
  • Visit the Imprisoned
  • Care for the Sick
  • Bury the Dead

    In October, the theme for service will be “Feed the Hungry”. The club has some members already, but they could use as much student participation as possible. For students who complete the Mercy Challenge, their names will be added to a commemorative plaque to be installed in the school at the end of the year, and students who complete the challenge will also receive a personal plaque. Also, the club is working on an end-of-year event for students who participate in the challenge, so there are many tangible benefits, but more importantly, spiritual fulfillment.

    If you or your friends are interested in joining this unique club, contact any member of the CFJ, or email any of the student leaders (listed below).


CFJ Leaders: Fr. Zumbrum, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Freebery

Student Leaders: Nicholas Reichert, Daniel Bransfield, Bradley Richman, Edward Myers, Seamus Lewin