College Football Kicks Off

Matthew Riley, Staff Writer

The start of the school year brings the start of a new season of America’s favorite sport at the collegiate level, college football. Dating back to 1978, college football has become a hot topic within almost every college campus and college alum household. The sport unites alumni worldwide to root for their favorite college football team every Saturday. This year, the game has already brought side-splitting College Gameday moments, ridiculous breakout players, a new level of swag with “turnover props” and uniforms, gut-wrenching games and a several thousand “surrender cobras.”

College Gameday is an exciting college football analysis show aired on ESPN Network every Saturday morning analyzing the exciting games of the day. The first show took place in South Bend, Indiana where the #2 Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish looked to upset #1 Florida State Seminoles at home. Since then, the show has gained a lot of attention from Lee Corso’s whimsical winning picks and the hilarious college signs created by college students. The most recent Lee Corso winning pick was “Brutus the Buckeye” over TCU’s “Superfrog.” Other recent picks include, the Clemson Tigers over the Texas A&M Aggies, and the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish over the Michigan Wolverines. College Gameday will head to Eugene, Oregon this Saturday to analyze a tough pac-12 game between two top 20 ranked teams, Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinals. Who will Lee Corso side with this weekend?

New college athletes are always entering into NCAA every year with magnificent talent. Some of which, have already earned themselves major popularity because of jaw-dropping plays and great performances. A noticeable sophomore, Tua Tagovailoa, from Alabama, has soundly beat consecutive teams by 60+ points and helped his team earn a national championship in last year’s National Championship overtime thriller, between Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson-Tide. His big performances have earned him a starting spot over Alabama backup, Jalen Hurts. Another breakout player is Oklahoma’s senior, Kyler Murray. After sitting the bench to a notorious Baker Mayfield, Kyler had stellar performances against FAU and Iowa State. Kyler received much recognition after his quickness, and agility turned a collapsing play into a tremendous gain. While some are closely watching the next NFL starts dominate at the collegiate level, there are also tremendous breakout college football teams including LSU and BYU. Falling to Notre Dame in the Citrus Bowl last year in Orlando, Florida, LSU finished their season ranked 18th. Currently, LSU is ranked 6th with key wins over 21st ranked Miami and 12th ranked Auburn.

The Miami “Turn-over Chain” has become a big influencer for “turnover props” throughout the NCAA. Alabama began the tradition by awarding a gold belt to the defensive player who heavily contributed to the turnover. Several teams have now jumped at the tradition including Boise Sate who created a “turnover throne,” Memphis players wear a tiger-printed robe, and Kennesaw State players hold a “turnover plank.” In addition, Louisville has added turnover props to the offensive side, a pair of “touchdown boxing gloves” to any player who scores a touchdown. While some teams focus on the props, others have been focusing on their ultimate uniforms. A few in particular include, Florida State, who designed an alternate black series jersey with matte maroon finished helmets, and Arizona State, who created a maroon home series jersey and state flag finish. The bar is set high this year for the “swaggiest” team, and with many weeks to come, can a team unveil a new uniform that gives them an edge?

With the expectations very high, we have a lot to look forward to the rest of the season including big matchups between Auburn against defending champions, Alabama and LSU against national runners-up, Georgia. Meanwhile, some NFL rookies have impacted their team drastically. Baker Mayfield recently led his team to their first win in almost 2 years, throwing 17/23 attempts and 201 yards. Saquon Barkley, from Penn-State, has also impacted his team rushing for 102 yard and scoring a touchdown. College Football is back and there are still thousands of touchdowns yet to be scored!