Salesians In Action Cultivate the Seeds of Service


Matthew Horan, Staff Writer

    Recently, students in Salesianum’s service club, Salesians In Action, had to opportunity to help at a local food bank in Wilmington called LCS. LCS, the Lutheran Community Services, was just a ten minute walk east of Salesianum. When students first arrived, they were given a tour of the building and grounds to see what goes into running a successful food bank. Students were given many different opportunities to lend a helping hand during their time volunteering at LCS.

    Upon arrival, students were first introduced to the garden alongside of the building that had been previously planted and ready to harvest. A couple of crops that students picked while there included green beans, snap peas, baby tomatoes, and squash. Time was also spent replanting and replenishing the soil for these crops. After all was picked, students then used a scale to measure out the weight of the different vegetables. A total of approximately six pounds of baby tomatoes were picked; all food picked was to be washed and then placed out for people in need. Inside LCS, there is a large room set up as a grocery store. When Wilmington residents come in need, they often have a volunteer from LCS walk them around and help them choose food in order to ensure that they and their families get all the necessary nutritional food groups. Lyn Budd, director of volunteers at LCS, remarked that, “The crops Salesianum students picked are going to feed around forty-five families in the weeks to come.” After the harvesting portion, students then helped with picking and controlling weeds around the perimeter of the garden. This was done by a common method of smothering the weeds with cardboard boxes to prevent sunlight and airflow from reaching them.

    The administration at LCS is always looking for donations and volunteers to help reach their goal of ending the hunger of Wilmington residents. LCS is always eager for partnerships in food drives. If you would like to help out at LCS or set up a food drive, please contact Lyn Budd at 302-654-8886 or send her an email at [email protected].