The Resolutions of Salesianum

What resolutions are enveloping the halls of Salesianum?

Braedon Carney '20, Contributor

Happy New Year! The tradition of New Year’s Resolutions has many religious origins, and has been participated in for hundreds of years. The premise is to simply set a goal for yourself to accomplish in the new year. The students of Salesianum, just like the rest of the Western Hemisphere, have developed their own resolutions that they hope to complete this year.

Most students took a practical approach to their resolution, hoping to either change themselves in some way or improve their quality of life. Frankie Frabizzio ‘20, a musical theatre master, says he wishes to, “improve his belting,” which is a difficult but important part of singing. Another student, who asked to remain anonymous, said that their resolution was, “to stop crying so much,” and, “drink a lot less coffee.” Different goals help different people.

Other students took a different approach. Andrew Embley ‘20 said that he wanted to, “Eat El Diablo for the rest of my life.” That doesn’t seem like the healthiest resolution, but to each his own. Senior, Tony Denney, based his resolutions on the fact that he’d be graduating high school soon. He wanted to gain some “necessary” life experiences before going off to college. Some of his many resolutions included buying a pig to make a pig farm, taking over France, and climbing the Empire State Building like King Kong. I personally am curious to see just how successful he is.

My own New Year’s Resolution of 2019 is to appear on television. As an actor, it’s always been my dream to be watched by large audiences all across the nation. I feel that it is the perfect time for me to achieve this dream, and take the next step in my life.

These resolutions listed, as well as those that aren’t, are only meant to do good, and are almost unanimously meant to achieve happiness. All in all, taking care of oneself in the New Year should be the universal resolution. Happy 2019.