The Diffrent Ways Salesianum Celebrates Christmas

Nick Gonnella’20, Contributer

As students finished their last final and exited the building, the much anticipated Christmas break has begun.  Some people like to spend their Christmas break at home while others hit the road for warmer weather. There is no end to the activities that they can do together in their own unique way.  This year students at Salesianum celebrated in very unique ways.

As students passed in their science exams and exited the building, the long awaited two-week Christmas break had begun. For some, the two weeks signified time spent at home with families while others hit the road for warmer weather.

One student, Jackson Fields’20, took a very exciting trip during Christmas break.  Jackson piloted a King Air B200 plane with his family as passengers to the Bahamas.  Jackson is very passionate about flying, “Flying has always been a passion of mine, I’m currently working on my pilots license, and hope to one day fly for the airlines.”  Jackson and his family have been going to the Bahamas for the past 5 years. He was there for 16 days and states it was the best vacation ever. His favorite part of the trip was when he went boating,  “While going boating, I went deep sea fishing which is definitely one of my favorite things to do at the Bahamas. We didn’t catch anything, unfortunately, but just being on the boat with my family was a lot of fun.”   

Someone else that did something very festive for Christmas was Noah Ziegler’20.  Noah dressed up in a very festive suit during Christmas. Noah saw the suit at Kohl’s and he said that once he saw it, there was no way he wasn’t going to purchase it.  “I really liked the tie so I figured why not buy the suit to go along with it. I needed a festive tie because I’m a festive guy.” Noah spent Christmas at home with his family.  He says that being with his family is what makes Christmas special every year and the suit was an expression of how much he enjoys the Christmas season with his family.

Whether you spend Christmas at home or in another country, what makes it enjoyable is spending quality time with family and friends.  Everyone has their traditions and different ways of celebrating Christmas but the common theme is making the most of the time you spend with family. Having fun is a big part of that whether it is flying a plane, fishing, or wearing crazy festive suits.  There’s no wrong way to celebrate Christmas when family is involved.