Super Bowl LIII Preview

John Sebastiani '21, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again- when millions of people gather around their TVs to watch the much anticipated end to another great NFL season. At this point, it has become routine to see Tom Brady and the Patriots featured in possibly the biggest sporting event of the year. For the Rams, however, a super bowl appearance is not as common.

This will be the Rams first Super Bowl appearance since Super Bowl XXXVI where they lost, ironically, to the Patriots 17-20. Before earning their trip to Atlanta, the Rams were faced with a pretty tough task facing the New Orleans Saints on the road. Jared Goff, who has become the quickest QB selected #1 overall in the NFL draft to make the Super Bowl, probably summed up best the elements his team faced in New Orleans. “It was disoriently loud, but we fought through it.” The game ended on a whopping 57-yard OT field goal by Greg Zuerlein. “It wasn’t the cleanest hit,” Zuerlein said. “It was obviously good enough. But if you watch the rotation of it, it wasn’t flying straight up and down. It was kind of an ‘X ball.’ So it wasn’t a clean hit. But I’m not going to complain about it.”

For the Patriots, a trip to the big game is becoming ever so common. The Patriots, in typical fashion, managed to complete a go ahead drive with minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. When the Chiefs tied the game up pushing the matchup into OT, Tom Brady did not shy away- marching down the field to score a touchdown less than five minutes into the OT session. He managed this all while playing on the road in the freezing conditions of Kansas City in quite possibly the loudest stadium in the NFL. Brady has shown no signs of slowing down. “I love playing football and I love the competition and love competing at the highest level,” Brady said following his victory over Kansas City. “I don’t know what’s more fun for me than running out against Kansas City in the biggest game of our season in front of 70,000 people and coming away with the win.”

Super Bowl LIII will be played in Atlanta this Sunday, February third at 6:30pm and it promises much excitement. As we have learned in the past, anything can happen when you’re facing the Patriots. You can watch the big game on CBS.