2019 Science Olympiad – The Science Behind Victory


These Salesian scientists are all smiles, making this year’s Science Olympiad an atomic success.

Matthew Horan, Staff Writer

On Saturday March 2nd, Salesianum’s Science Olympiad team traveled down to Delaware State University for their annual meet. Students have been prepping from the beginning of this school year to compete in the individual events that they’ve elected to participate in. The team met every Thursday in team coach Ms. Albanese’s room during flex in order to develop and map out their events. Each student participating could compete in a maximum of five different events, with each event allowing teams of one to three persons, depending on the individual event itself. With the competition starting at 8:30 A.M and the last event concluding at 3:20 P.M, it was certainly a productive Saturday for these science-minded Salesians.

Salesianum occupied two teams in the meet, 6C and 7C, given that there were multiple students wanting to take part in the same event. The day began with a meeting in the Education and Humanities building on Delaware State’s campus, the home base for Salesianum that day. Salesianum occupied two out of fifty other teams that took part in the meet, with Team C6 acheiving 30th place overall while Team C7 came in at 24th place. Some notable top-10 performances as well as their specific event include the following:

• Astronomy: 10th place, Team C6: Alex-Jaden Peart and Andres Sampson
• Chemistry Lab: 7th place, Team C7: Ryan Mann and Evan Stosic
• Disease Detectives: 8th place, Team C7: Ryan Mann and Andres Sampson
• Dynamic Planet: 8th place, Team 6C: Sean O’Sullivan and John Pedraza
• Fermi Questions: 7th place, Team C6: Benjamin Green and Javier Lorenzo
• Geologic Mapping: 8th place, Team C6: Zack Gordon and Dominic Rapposelli
• Herpetology: 6th place, Team C7: Marcos Munro, Alex Zhang, and Ryan Mann
• Thermodynamics: 8th place, Team C7: Ryan Mann and Sean O’Sullivan
• Water Quality: 7th place, Team C7: Ryan Mann and Alex Zhang
• Write it, Do it: 6th place, Team C7: Sean O’Sullivan and John Pedraza