Bryce Harper to Join the Phillies – Will This Season be a Home Run?


John Sebastiani, Staff Writer

After a long drawn out offseason, MLB superstar Bryce Harper has ​finally ​made a decision. One of Major League Baseball’s most popular free agents decided to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies- a team he has been linked with in rumors since the start of free agency. The 13-year deal, which is the 2nd largest in MLB history, is worth 330 million dollars. The surprising aspect of this deal is that it contains no opt out clause, which was labeled as a point of conflict earlier in contract negotiations.

“I actually told [Scott Boras] at the beginning of the process that I didn’t want one, wherever I went. I wanted to be able to make my roots somewhere. That was through the goods and the bads, the ups and downs of the team and the organization,” said Bryce Harper on why he did not want an opt out.

This comes at a great time for the Phillies and their fans who hope to return to the postseason for the first time since 2011. Harper brings an undeniable element of power to pair with other Phillies stars such as J.T. Realmuto and Rhys Hoskins. Harper hit an impressive 34 home runs last season, his second most ever for a single season.

“We know that now the expectations of Philadelphia Phillies, the city of Philadelphia, are especially high. That’s what we’ve always wanted. We want a high-challenging bar and we want the expectations that we’re going to step up and meet that bar. We have the players with that kind of mentality,” said Gabe Kapler, manager of the Phillies, on the impact Harper’s signing has on the developing team.

Harper is ready to step up to the challenge. “For me, it’s all about winning,” remarked Harper. “That’s what you’re remembered for, that’s what it’s all about. Personal accolades and things like that, they’re great. But for me, if our team plays well, our team plays together, I find joy in my teammates success.”