A ‘Watch’-ful Eye on Odell: Beckham Jr. Brings the Bling, Causing Contentious Controversy


Chris Szagola

Odell Beckham Jr. wore yet another Richard Mille watch at a game, this one worth a mind blowing $2 million!

Matthew Horan, Reporting Journalist

We’re only three weeks into the regular season in the NFL and media outlets are already swarming Odell Beckham Jr. This time, not because of an incredible catch or stats, but a piece of jewelry he has decided to wear that everyone is talking about. That’s right, a watch, and not just any watch but the all-exclusive and expensive Richard Mille that only a few can claim ownership. So far this season there have been two separate occasions in which Beckham Jr. was spotted with different watches from the same Richard Mille brand. It’ll be interesting to see if Beckham Jr. flashes any other luxurious jewelry on the field for the rest of the season. 

 The first watch, one that Beckham Jr. actually played with in a game against the Titans, is the Richard Mille 011 Orange Storm. As if the season opener for the Browns wasn’t exciting enough, this watch has a value of approximately three-hundred and fifty thousand dollars. NFL refs usually check players thoroughly before the game to make sure any watches, jewelry, etc. doesn’t make it onto the field; however, it seems that they missed Beckham Jr.’s eye-catching watch in Week One. In the Brown’s second game, Odell was sighted wearing a Richard Mille 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire watch on the field in warmups, yet this timepiece never made it into the actual gameplay that night. This particular watch was predicted to be valued at around two million dollars by experts; it cannot be indefinitely confirmed, however rumors on social media claim that only eleven of these watches were made by the designer company. Although spending this kind of money on a piece of jewelry appears over-extravagant for anyone regardless of their financial status, Beckham Jr. seems to be sitting comfortably with a current net worth of twenty-five million dollars.  

Such fashion choices made by Beckham Jr. have sparked some controversial responses from NFL fans across the board. The NFL itself prohibits players from wearing “hard” objects during gameplay, Beckham Jr. striking back and claiming that the knee braces and other equipment that players wear are made of the same firm material. The onlooking audience was astonished with Beckham Jr.’s decision to wear the watches and thought that a football field is an inappropriate place to do so. Other people claimed that the watches are fake and that when zoomed in on, the mechanics of the watches don’t match up exactly with the designer brand version. Nothing can be confirmed or denied at this point, although it’s safe to say that NFL fans will be paying closer attention to Beckham Jr’s attire for the rest of the season.