Sonic the Hedgehog Gets a Facelift


“In the new trailer, Sonic looks much more like himself. It’s a win for everyone.”

Zachary Gordon, Reporting Journalist

No, that’s not a clickbait title.

Early Tuesday, Paramount Pictures released the second trailer for the upcoming film, Sonic the Hedgehog, and fans were finally given an official look at how Hollywood represented their classic character – for the second time.

Last April, the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer surfaced, but it was widely criticized for its portrayal of Sonic’s design. The hedgehog was presented as a strange mix of a human and an animal, and his features had a touch of attempted realism that did not at all encapsulate his traditionally cartoony appearance. He didn’t even have gloves, just creepy hands.

Naturally, fans flocked to the Internet and told Paramount and the world quite bluntly how much Sonic’s design could be improved – and Paramount listened. They announced that the movie would be delayed and that character designs would be reworked. Today, the studio revealed their progress.

In the new trailer, Sonic looks much more like himself. His proportions are more accurate to the video games, and his face has been given a completely new design that much better reflects the character that fans love. He has gloves this time too. It’s a win for everyone.

Exactly how many moviegoers will be digging out their spare rings to go see Sonic the Hedgehog still remains to be seen. Despite the new design for Sonic, some have suggested that questionable writing and other flaws may ultimately hinder the film’s success.

Either way, the progression of Sonic’s designs has certainly created an Internet buzz around Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, many people are interested to see whether the final product will go on to earn a financial and critical High Score or a measly Game Over.

Sonic the Hedgehog speeds into theaters on February 14.