NFL Playoff Update

Matthew Horan, Reporting Journalist

Since the ending of the NFL regular season, the past two weeks of playoff games have been nothing but excitement. Between the wildcard weekend and regular playoffs, a total of sixteen teams made it into the postseason. To kick off the wildcard games, on Saturday January 4th, the Texans took on the Bills in a thrilling overtime performance where Houston came out on top. Afterwards that night, the Titans challenged the Patriots, where the chances of a back-to-back Super Bowl for the Patriots had ended.

On Sunday January 5th, the Vikings took on the Saints and the Eagles battled against the Seahawks. Kirk Cousins led the Vikings to a close victory in overtime with an outstanding performance of 242 total yards and no interceptions. The Seahawks took home the win in Philadelphia in their matchup against the Eagles. Carson Wentz left the game in the first quarter and did not return due to a head injury. 

Week two of the playoffs didn’t disappoint either, with all sorts of antics and close games. Last Saturday, the 49ers cruised past the Vikings with a comfortable win, upsetting many fans in Minnesota. The second game on Saturday involved the Titans and the Ravens. Many NFL enthusiasts were predicting the Ravens to win it all this year; however, due to the mediocre performance by Lamar Jackson, the Ravens crumbled to defeat.

The  Texans and Chiefs game on Sunday was rather an unusual one. The Texans came out firing and gave themselves a twenty point lead early on, however couldn’t sustain their performance later on in the game and ended up losing by twenty points. This was the first time a team had been up by twenty points and then ended on losing by twenty points in the same game in playoff history. The night on Sunday ended off with the Packers pulling out the win against the Seahawks. This game was neck-and-neck for most of the time being, Aaron Rogers having another great performance and the Seahawks being troubled by some injuries. All teams gave an outstanding effort in the postseason performances.