Fight of Their Lives: Salesianum Participates in the 2020 March for Life


Robyn Correale

Joined arm in arm with two other Salesian schools from across the nation, it’s no mystery that these students stand up for life and the gift of living.

Liam Furlong, Editor-in-Chief

With only seven hours in a typical school day, it can be tough for over 1000 Salesians to raise their voices for what they believe in. Today, however, presented all pro-life progressionists with that opportunity at the 47th annual March for Life.

Driving down from Delaware to D.C., students from Salesianum, Ursuline, and Padua began their day with Mass at the National Shrine, an elegant and reflective way to receive the Bread of Life before marching for life. Later in the day, all 39 of these proud pro-lifers took the streets in protest, along with close to a million activists nationwide supporting the cause to abolish abortion. Taking courage in their convictions, these Salesian ladies and gents successfully stood up for their beliefs and advanced the fight for pro-life legislation even farther than it has ever been before. Today, these students insisted on choosing life, recognizing the chance to live as the most precious gift in the world. They urge YOU to choose life as well.