New Chevrolet Model Revs Up the Engines of Customers and Critics Alike

Matthew Horan, Reporting Journalist

Ever since Chevrolet announced they would change the design of their Corvette for the 2020 model year, expectations have been high. On October 2nd, the car was released into the world of new vehicles and completely lived up to all the hype it received in the months preceding.

The most noticeable change in the new Corvette is the freshened exterior design it brings to the table. The door handles of the vehicle and the hatch hood releases have now been hidden within the new design to allow for a cleaner look. The new LT2 V8 engine is now a visible feature on the car within the rear hatch window. In terms of options, buyers can now choose to put carbon fiber finishes on the vehicle in addition to LED headlights. The new Corvette also offers the first ever retractable hardtop roof instead of a more noticeable soft top. This allows for the performance of the vehicle to remain consistent with the top up or down. Cargo areas have also been redesigned to allow for more space with an all new front-cargo area available under the hood of the car.

When it comes to statistics, the all new Corvette C8 is noticeably different from its predecessor, the C7. The C7 was in production between 2014 and 2019, before Chevrolet announced the Corvette would be getting a new look for the 2020 model year. The new C8 offers 490 horsepower while the C7 had only 455 horsepower. This means the C8 will be slightly quicker when it comes to the acceleration within the vehicle. Another big change within the models comes into play when talking about transmission. The C7 gave buyers the option of purchasing a Corvette with either a 6 speed automatic transmission or a 7 speed manual. Now, the C8 is only available in an 8 speed dual clutch automatic transmission, expelling the manual transmission from the lineup. Going back to the physical aspects, the new C8 is about 5 inches longer than the older C7. Chevrolet really has outdone themselves with this transition between Corvette models.

Car experts are starting to compare the new Corvette C8 to some of Ferrari’s models in terms of exterior styling. As for the media’s reaction to the vehicle, Chevrolet is currently being bombarded with orders of the new C8 as many people are still discovering the changes in the classic supercar. This exciting modern Corvette starts at pricing around $59,995 but can easily climb close to $100,000 with different packages and trim levels available.