Happy “Feature Friday”: Jack Kohn

Happy “Feature Friday!” Each week, we’ll be featuring a dedicated journalist for his stellar commitment at the Salesianum Review. So without further ado…

Meet Jack Kohn! Jack is a junior-year  journalist who recently joined the Salesianum Review this past year, bringing with him a vast knowledge of photography and design. Jack is mostly know for his “behind the scenes” work, such as ideas for websites, editing, and a variety of other projects. When he does write, he prefers to write articles accompanying powerful photos. Additionally, when he’s not taking photos for the Review, Jack is a Boy Scout and a dedicated runner.

When asked if he could only listen to one song on replay for the rest of his life, Kohn enthusiastically exclaimed, “I would want to listen to “It’s Only (VIP Remix)” by ODESZA.” Additionally, Kohn added that his favorite vacation that he has taken in the past year was a backpacking trip in New Mexico, on a Scout Ranch known as Philmont.

To check out all of Jack’s photography endeavors, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @jackkohnphotography