10 Point Success Plan for 20-21

Mr. Dever, Community Counselor

Distraction Free Environmentcreate a comfortable & distraction free, neat & organized space to Zoom and complete assignments & study effectively

Time Management Skills: develop a daily schedule, routine and plan that works best for you to complete assignments and to study

Study Skills: figure out what study method works best for you: writing it down repeatedly, using an app to quiz yourself, working practice problems, reviewing powerpoint/keynote, flash cards, listening, etc …

Nutrition: eat 3 meals a day, especially breakfast, and eat healthy snacks for energy as needed like fruit, veggies, granola bars, yogurt

Hydration: drink plenty of water; body weight divided by 2 = # of ounces of water needed per day to fully hydrate the body

Fitness: 5 x 30 plan – 30 minutes of fitness at least 5 times a week: run, jog, bike, swim, lift, yoga, box jumps, push ups, sit ups, etc …

Sleep: optimal sleep needed for growing teenagers is 9.5 hours/night

Activities/Hobbies: stay active with sports, scouts, community service, take up a hobby, learn a new skill, landscape, hike, hunt, fish

Positive Support Network: develop meaningful and healthy relationships and friendships that are both supportive and positive 

Communication: talk to friends, parents, teachers, counselors: check in, ask for help if needed, give positive and supportive help to others, to laugh, vent, cry or celebrate whatever is happening in your life