It’s All About the Money, Money, Money (Or Is it?)

Back Again on Broom Street, Students Recount the Luxuries and Lifestyles that Come with Having a Summer Job.

Benjamin Green, Reporting Journalist

It takes more than a global pandemic to weigh down the work ethics of so many Salesians! Students worked a variety of jobs from cashiers at Chick-Fil-A to lifeguards at local pools. Sallies students made their presence known outside the school and into the workforce.  

According to a student-crafted survey, 83% of respondents said they had worked a summer job. Half of those students had also worked other jobs before this summer. Summer jobs offer a chance to earn a steady income, gain valuable work experience, and keep a hearty balance of productivity and summertime shenanigans.

“As the state slowly reopened and my golf club did as well, having a job kept me constantly busy during the summer. It was also nice to have an income,” said Tom King ‘21. 

Jobs have many benefits like gaining work experience and having an income, but they can also come with some negatives. “Other summer plans like working out or getting better at my sport lost priority,” reported King.

Salesianum students worked in a variety of categories this summer. 36% of Salesian workers worked in the food industry. Another 16% worked as lifeguards and 20% worked in either landscaping or labor jobs. There were also a couple of internships this summer. According to the survey, students worked in a state senator’s office, a food bank farm, and even an engineering firm. 

Having a summer job also opens up opportunities for students to live at the beach. “My favorite parts of working at Jungle Jims and Big Fish Grill, in Rehoboth Beach, were meeting new people, making money, and living at the beach,” said Michael Cotrotsios ‘21.

Having a summer job is one of the most memorable aspects of being a teenager. Summer jobs can introduce students to the real world by giving them responsibility while also being a chance to make money and meet some new friends. This Salesian spirit continues to sizzles under the summer sun as these dedicated students persevere through the pandemic and bring their work ethics back to 18th and Broom.