From Legend to Reality


A bird’s eye view of the recently discovered ruins.

Samuel Felice, Reporting Journalist

An ancient city born from a war, known throughout the centuries makes an astonishing appearance 3,000 years later. Tenea, a Greek city, was thought to have been built by prisoners from the Trojan War. Little is actually known about this city that came from one of the most infamous battles in history. No proof of this ancient city’s location has been made, until now. 

Known through myths and legends, Ancient Greek history comes to life with this groundbreaking discovery! Tenea, a previously lost city makes a timely appearance in 2018. Elini Korka, a well-renowned archeologist, made the biggest discovery of her career when she discovered the ancient city of Tenea. Previously, the ancient city’s exact location was unknown. It was known to be a prosperous city, located in the ancient region Corinthia. Prior to this monumental discovery, little was known about the reason for the city’s disappearance. With the discovery of a sarchpougous within a small village in southern Greece called Chiliomodi, the spark for a thirty-four year search was ignited. Returning to the site in 2013, Korka directed the current excavations. In 2018, following an ancient road, the archeologists came across a graveyard containing the remnants of five women, two men, and two children. The tombs were filled with jewelry, vases and other valuable items indicating the wealth of those buried therein.

The archeologists continued their painstaking search. After all those years of searching endlessly they came across a monumental discovery just north of the graveyard. The researchers had uncovered the remains of many buildings from the ancient city. There they found clay, stone floors and walls, columns and marble. Along with that massive discovery they also found over 200 coins signaling the city’s wealth and economic status. Prior to the discovery, nothing was known about Tenea outside of legends and historical text. The idea of an ancient city, consequential to one of the most infamous battles in history, gives you a small understanding of what is possible when learning from the past. This discovery proved monumental and changed the legends and myths of an ancient city born from an infamous battle and turned it into a reality.