The Bubble Rebound

What Started Out Shaky Became a Success

Shane Olexa, Reporting Journalist

When the NBA shut down on March 11, 2020, everyone panicked. Many fans across the country were distraught over the idea of living in a world without sports. That day, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz became the first NBA player to be reported as having COVID-19. Basketball fans were without their beloved sport for a while; that is, until July 1 when everything changed. Most people thought it would be the end of sports until next year, but the NBA had different plans. While everyone else was panicking, they persevered. 

The NBA announced that they planned to try to restart the 2020 season and go into a “bubble.” It would be located in Disney World! The NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, announced, “Certainly if we have a lot of cases, we’re going to stop. You cannot run from this virus.” We all know how scary the virus can be, but the NBA got through a tough time and they came back on top. The first game in the bubble was held on July 30 between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Utah Jazz, with the Jazz pulling out a win.

The players seemed to have fun in the “bubble” too. Dwight Powell of the Dallas Mavericks stated that “There was not really any hesitation or question for me. I was definitely going to be here and do whatever I had to do to make myself eligible to be here, so I could support my teammates and be along for this ride, for this journey.” Some players, however, decided to opt-out in support of their families. Twenty-two teams were in the bubble when it began and it got down to the final two teams, the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers won the series 4-2. The Lakers made the league and their fans proud for their perseverance and ability to win a championship against COVID-19. The NBA Bubble was such a success that no games were interrupted by the virus.