The Fans Are Back!?!


Robert Gruszka, The Salesianum Review

Cardboard Cutouts are mixed in with the fans at Thursday Night’s Eagles Game.

Robert Gruszka, Reporting Journalist

Yes, fans are back at the NFL, but there are all new rules that everyone at stadiums has to follow. I was lucky enough to be at both Sunday and Thursday Eagles games to bring back first hand information.

As you pull into the game the attendants assist you into your socially distant parking spot. At a 2019 season game, you would not be able to see an open spot for ages even if you got there an hour before kickoff, but now fans cannot get into the lots until an hour before the game. The cars packed with eager fans park every other parking spot. There is no tailgating before the game, which is strictly enforced by the staff.

As you are walking into the game, signs are all over the place telling you to wear your mask properly, covering your mouth and nose, along with giant signs telling the fans to make sure they are socially distant. As you walk through the metal detectors you are given a recyclable container to put your things in as you walk through the detector, you take that container and put it into one of the trash cans they have right after the detector.

As you walk into your row, you see many seats zip-tied up so you can not sit in them. This is because when you order your tickets, you order for your “pod.” There are about 1-2 pods in each row. When you finally reach your seat and respective pod, can you take your mask off? No! The only time fans are allowed to remove their mask is when they are actively drinking or eating. There are constantly staff members who walk up and down the aisles to make sure that everyone is following the rules. If not, they will kindly remind you to do so.

After the game starts and the fans are all waiting for the next play it can get eerily quiet, especially for those who have ever been to a game before. But do not underestimate those 7,500 fans because they can get loud if they want, finding new ways like banging on the empty chairs in front of them. And for our of-age readers, you now have to buy a pretzel or a hotdog when you purchase any alcoholic drink.

With all the news rules in place, it still did not take away from the excitement of all the fans who have been waiting to return to their favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, since September. GO EAGLES!