Candy and Quarantine

Celebrating Halloween in the Middle of a Pandemic


Benjamin Green, Reporting Journalist

Halloween may look a little different this year, but the festive essence of the holiday still remains. Candy has been selling in stores for months in preparation, and costume shops are open for business all over the country as America prepares for the spooky holiday. 

The average amount of money Americans spend on Halloween has been increasing steadily for years and despite coronavirus concerns Americans have not diminished their spending. According to the National Retail Federation, the average person spends around $92 for Halloween. 

Obviously there have been implications because of COVID. The NRF states that there is a 7% decrease of people likely to hand out candy this year. There is also a 6% decrease in kids permitted to go trick or treating by their parents. 

Costume trends this year have been pretty standard this year. The most popular kids costumes are princesses, Spider-Man costumes, and ghosts. The ghost costume has seen a big jump this year because of recent Tik Tok trends. 

Of course, candy is a big component of Halloween and stores have been stocking their shelves for months in preparation for the big day. Across the country, Skittles and Reeses have become the most popular candy. In Delaware, Skittles are the most popular Halloween candy. In Pennsylvania, Hersheys Mini Chocolate bars surprisingly take the top spot. 

Salesianum teachers have also stuck with the national candy trends. Mrs. DiNardo and Mrs. Ontiveros both think Reeses is the best Halloween candy. Mrs. Ontiveros, however, prefers the Reese’s Pumpkins, as they contain more of the delicious peanut butter. Mr. Karsh, the new Latin teacher, loves Twix bars, and Ms. Davis’ favorite candy is the Snickers bar. On the other hand, Mrs. Correale’s favorite candy is the York Peppermint Patty. 

Despite concerns about the pandemic and Halloween, the holiday is adapting. More people are choosing to decorate and dress up this year even if it means fewer halloween parties. Halloween is a time of fun and celebration, a much needed reprieve from the horrors of the real world.