Dress to Impress

Halloween Brings a Much-Needed Sense of Normalcy

Matthew Deckers, Entertainment Analyst

Another Halloween has come and gone, and Salesianum’s costume contest was just as memorable as ever. Despite COVID restrictions, students and faculty came up with a number of creative costume ideas, spreading the fun Halloween spirit throughout the school’s hallways.

For this year’s contest, costumes were divided into five separate categories: Character/Personality, Funny, Scary, Original, and Group. The top three costumes for each category were picked by a group of faculty judges including Mr. Isaac, Ms. Reilly, Ms. Coughenouer, Dr. Anthony, and Mrs. Godfrey.

Taking first place for the Character/Personality category was James Edwards and Jack Krukiel as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, respectively. Daniel Carbone placed second as Bob Ross, while Hunter Tuschinski as Tommy Wiseau and David Mishra as Baljeet tied for third. For the faculty spot, the CFJ had a Star Wars theme this year, including Father Zumbrum who dressed up as Baby Yoda.

For the Funny category, Christian Boccuti won first place dressed as a can of Coca Cola. Deron Tchuente took second place as The Gang, and Majo James placed third as The Doctor. Mr. Fin won the faculty spot as the Ocean Spray Man (based on a viral TikTok of a skateboarder drinking Ocean Spray cran-raspberry juice).

Under the Scary category, Matthew Zoccolillo won first place as Springtrap. The runner-up was Eli Martin dressed as the Grim Reaper, while Mason Gode took third place as the Bunny.

Evan Pilger, dressed as 50 Shades of Gray, won for most original costume this year. Second place for this category was Ryan Tran as the Stampumpunk Grimreaper, and Kevin Starnes took third place as a Beach Goer.

Last but not least were the best Group costumes. Dalton Munson’s group won first place with a Before and After Quarantine theme, the Guidance Department won second as a Group Text, and Braedon Korb’s group took third place as Sixers Fans. The faculty group for this category was Mr. Haley, Mrs. Mansi, Mrs. Schuster, and Mrs. Godfrey as a League of Their Own.

Salesianum’s 2020 Halloween costume contest proved to be a much-needed change of pace from the usual school day. Despite being right on the cusp of a historical presidential election, the contest brought the school’s community together in a fun and creative way. Congratulations to all of our student and faculty winners!