Fall Eagles, Fall

After a Loss to Seattle, Fans Are Wondering if Anything Has Gone Right this Season

Shane Olexa, Reporting Journalist

The Eagles didn’t play their best football on Monday night and Carson Wentz hasn’t exactly been performing like he did in 2017 when he was in MVP form and threw 3,296 yards, 33 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. So far this season he’s thrown for 2,326 yards, 14 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.  Carson Wentz has one of the biggest passer rating drop-offs in NFL history. Wentz had a passer rating of 98.3 in 2017-2019 which has dipped to 73.4 in 2020. Most fans would agree that he can definitely do better. Wentz constantly holds onto the ball too long and can’t seem to throw the ball away when he needs to. It has come up that ever since Jalen Hurts was drafted in the 2nd round last year, Carson Wentz has been under pressure. According to Ian Rapoport, Jalen Hurts is “expected to receive increased playing time at quarterback.” This will put even more pressure on Wentz.

But Wentz isn’t the only problem, following their loss to the Seattle Seahawks in prime time on Monday Night Football many weaknesses were leaked. The receivers couldn’t get separation and couldn’t get open. The offensive line was terrible. The line and Carson Wentz gave up six sacks to a defense which is considered by many to be the worst in the league. A combination of Wentz not getting rid of the ball fast enough, taking sacks, and not hitting open receivers certainly isn’t helping the Eagles cause. On the other side of the ball, the defense played well only giving up 23 points to a Seahawks team that scored at least 30 points in seven games this year. The Eagles, on the other hand, have never scored 30 points in a game.

Seahawks star reciever, DK Metcalf, obliterated the Eagles defense, with the Eagles best corner Darius Slay giving up ten receptions and 177 yards to Metcalf. Following the game, Metcalf said Philadelphia could’ve been his home had the birds not bypassed him during the draft, adding, “I’ve got to make them pay.” For some reason the whole of the NFL couldn’t see that this man was built on a different level and obviously the Eagles were one of those teams.

Many people would agree that the defense gave the team a real shot at winning Monday’s game. The game was theirs for the taking. But once again, Doug Pederson didn’t execute. Pederson, like his team, has struggled this season. His decision-making on 4th down and his play calling has cost the Eagles some games. Some fans want Pederson out the door. Some want Carson Wentz gone and some want the General Manager, Howie Roseman, gone. We’ll see who, if anyone, winds up leaving the organization.