Looking for a Silver Lining

There Could Be a Positive Among the Eagles’ Struggles

Shane Olexa, Reporting Journalist

The Eagles season hasn’t gone exactly as planned. They are 4-8-1 and now in a QB dilemma. The Eagles are in third place in the NFC East, two games behind the division leading Washington Football Team. With a tough stretch coming up, the Eagles won’t likely make the playoffs and even if they do, they would have a very hard time passing the first round. Some fans are looking forward to the draft and are hoping the Eagles losing season continues. The more losses they have, the better chance they have of getting a top-five pick. The Eagles currently hold the ninth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Some think they could just tank and move up in the draft.

But this team can’t do anything you want them too. They beat the New Orleans Saints 24-21, with Jalen Hurts as their QB.

It comes down to either pick or playoffs. If they continue their struggle, they could draft a superstar like WR Ja’marr Chase out of LSU or LB Micah Parsons, PSU. There’s a lot of great options out there in the upcoming draft, but Howie Roseman would have to make the right decision. With his recent draft record, that’s not necessarily a given. If the Eagles win more games, the playoffs are a possibility. Would they do anything spectacular in the playoffs? Nick Foles did it in 2017 and 2018, there’s no reason why Jalen Hurts can’t! It’s up to the Eagles to find their silver lining.