DC vs. Marvel

Part 1: Look at Merchandise and Action Figures


David Escobar-Heuertes and Edison Pard

Comics have made a giant leap in the past decade, from comic books and cartoons to blockbuster movies and shows. 

With the success that comics have had in the last decade  there is one big question that lingers between the two comic giants, who does it better, DC or Marvel? The answer is not nearly as obvious as many may think as there are so many different facets that must be taken into account: merchandise and products, the comic books, and more recently, live action superhero movies The source of it all, the comic books, merchandise and products, as well as one of the most popular occurrences in recent memory, the Live action superhero movies. David Escobar-Heuertes and I break it down for you in this three part series.


Edison: DC t-shirts are far Superior to Marvel t-shirts. DC logo t-Shirts just work better. Do you like wearing black? Smack a Batman logo on there. Bam! 10/10 DC t-shirt. Who doesn’t like wearing the Superman logo? What is more memorable than that Big Red “S?” Nothing from Marvel, that’s what. What Logo does Spiderman have? The Incredible Hulk? Iron Man? The only cool Marvel t-Shirts are the Captain America ones, and even those are lackluster in comparison.

David: Marvel wins the merchandise battle. Many Marvel characters are owned by Disney.. This allows Disney to have control over various influential characters, like Spider-Man and Iron Man. These two characters alone have fiercely loyal fan bases. These fans purchase many of their idols’ t-shirts and costumes, especially young kids wanting to be their heroes. With the fans and marketing skills that Disney possesses, it is clear that Marvel wins this battle against DC.



Edison: No clear winner here, they’re all made in China and it comes down to your preference of Superhero. This is the one place it’s possible to have fun crossovers!

David: Action figures and collectibles are how fans show off their loyalty. This where we as fans can have all the freedom to have our own spectacular battles! This freedom draws a tie between the companies responsible for impressive characters.