New Kid on the Block Brings His Own Style to the Game

From Vlogs to Pre-Game Stretches, Baurer Aims to Inject Energy into Baseball


Trevor Bauer’s Instagram feed is full of everything from baseball photos to him sledding in the snow.

Aidan O'Brien '21, Contributor

Baseball, to many, is a boring sport. Three hour games, slow action, and suppression of personality in its players is enough to turn many away. Trevor Bauer, the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner, has injected an energy into the game of baseball not many have seen before. He is unapologetically great and lets his opponents know about it.  

Bauer has always stood out from the crowd with his aggressive personality on the mound and unique pregame exercises.  However, he catapulted his popularity over the past season with the beginning of his vlog series that chronicled his interesting 2020 season.  Liam O’Brien ‘23, an avid baseball fan, notices this change in the conventional way of viewing baseball saying, “Bauer’s vlog created a way for players of all ages to see how the MLB season works, show off his personality, and create a brand around himself.”  Within the vlog series, Bauer continuously gave us inside access to the unconventional shortened MLB season. 

Bauer often voiced his opinion on happenings around the league.  From the handling of COVID outbreaks in team locker rooms to unfair suspensions of players, Bauer never hesitated to let MLB brass know they were wrong. “They apparently just hate making baseball fun and popular,” Bauer hilariously said in his vlog. “They” is referring to the commissioner of baseball who, at the time, denied Bauer the opportunity to wear custom “free Joe Kelly” cleats after Kelly, a Dodgers pitcher, was unfairly suspended for 8 games in a 60 game season.

Bauer is continuing to grow his brand and has now begun to recruit other baseball players from all levels to his YouTube channel to share their experiences and stories.  In the sport of baseball, where personality and fan interaction is hard to come by, Trevor Bauer is working to change this perception and create a fun and interactive sport by allowing fans an inside look at the life of a major league baseball player.