WandaVision: The Marvelous Mid-Season Mark

Luke Doherty, Reporting Journalist

The mid-season mark has passed for WandaVision after episode four. This has been the biggest episode yet, with some revelations that change the way the story is being told going forward and what it means for its characters. The biggest revelation is what fans and myself have predicted for weeks: Wanda made the show herself to completely ignore the pain of Vision’s death in Avengers: Infinity War. Many things have happened this episode and it’s jammed full of call-backs and payoff from the Avengers movies. The story that started from a slow paced homage to 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s sitcoms has become one of the more interesting and genuinely intense pieces of media that Marvel have made.                           

In the past two episodes, we have seen what has gone on behind the scenes in the real world. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Monica Rambeau, a S.W.O.R.D agent (similar to the FBI, though focusing on extraterrestrial threats) wakes up in a hospital after the snap bringing everyone back. I do find it interesting that we are seeing more of Endgame’s effects on the Marvel world and I hope to see more in the future of that specific development. 

In the new episodes we also find out that it is indeed Wanda controlling her own pocket dimension of sorts. After stealing Vision’s body from S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters she revived him in her illusion. We are not sure if he is actually alive or not, but it is my belief that if he is alive again, Wanda would be more willing to come out of the illusion. We see how Monica tries to talk it out with Wanda, but gets violently thrown out as the end of episode 4’s ending makes even more sense now we got to see the full scene.

The big endpoint and big discussion topic for the next episode is Vision. He has figured out what his pseudo-wife is doing and has recoiled against her. The tension is broken by Pietro, her twin coming back yet played by a different actor. I believe the illusion may have grown a conscience and is trying to get Wanda to stay, but the next one isn’t far away. These were two great episodes in my opinion and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here, especially seeing how the pacing has starting getting faster and more plot points are being introduced. The next episode (of course) comes out Friday.