WandaVision Season Finale Predictions

Luke Doherty, Reporting Journalist

The ninth and final episode of WandaVision is airing today; however, don’t fret because I will have another article reviewing the series as a whole coming soon. This time I am predicting the end before it airs. Which most people can guess what’s going to happen, but I still think it’s a lot to wrap up in only 40ish minutes.

The last couple of episodes have revealed a lot of information revealing Agatha as the primary antagonist and Wanda being the Scarlet Witch (which I think means she might become an even more powerful character and more prevalent character in the MCU as a whole, especially being in the next Doctor Strange Movie). The last episodes also developed Wanda’s childhood and Wanda and Vision’s relationship, adding more depth to past movies (specifically Avengers: Age of Ultron). With the finale looming before us, I predict that the writers will finally kill off Vision, not for good (maybe), but I think he’ll either be an AI without a body or the last scene will be the funeral, finally putting an end to Wanda’s misery. In place of this, another plot line being substituted in is that of the X-Men, being not so subtlety hinting at in the past few episodes. The Falcon and Winter Soldier are definitely going to follow this trend, since the X-Men aren’t going to be around until Phase 5 of the MCU, which will likely be around 2024 and the other MCU shows will be here in mid-summer.

Back to the show at hand though! I believe that Wanda and Vision will team up one last time to find the source of Agatha’s powers and destroy the fake reality, only to realize (end credits scene) that she didn’t die! This will then put heavy foreshadowing on either the X-Men or the next shows coming later this summer. I can’t wait for the finale and I will be back to review the episode, the ending, and the series in general next week!