Clear Skies Ahead

The Salesianum Sailing Team has a Bright Future


Mr. Gosse

Ian Gosse and Lenny Warren, both ‘24, ready themselves for the open waters ahead!

Shane Olexa, Sports Editor

Not everyone is aware of the Salesianum Sailing team, but the team’s recent success shows us we should be watching. The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia welcomed Salesianum to the Delaware River Waterfront for its first competitive sailing season in the fall. The team didn’t disappoint. Sailing takes skill and these guys have it. 

As the team prepares for the spring season, let’s see how they became victorious:

Freshmen Lenny Warren and Ian Gosse finished third overall in JV among six other teams. For first-time sailers, this is an impressive achievement. Not many freshmen could go up against experienced sailors and say that they achieved victory.

Not many people know what work is really going on when the boats take off. Crew members do the equivalent of 30 sit-ups during a race and each Sunday holds three to five races.The skipper has to take control of all the physics and math while sailing. It takes a lot more than you would think to be a sailor. Not many guys can do it, but lucky for Salesianum we have the stellar Salesian athletes who can.