Happy Feature Friday: Andrew Ransome

Andrew Ransome, Sports Journalist

Happy “Feature Friday!” Each week, we’ll be featuring a dedicated journalist for his stellar commitment at the Salesianum Review. So without further ado…
Meet Andrew Ransome! Andrew is a freshman and a member of the class of 2024. He writes for the Review because he enjoys writing about the accomplishments of others and sharing their fascinating achievements to the wide world beyond. When he is not writing with us, he is also involved in the Salesianum football team and apart of the track team.
So why write for the Review, Andrew? He commented, “I’m a dedicated writer because I enjoy doing it in my spare time and it really keeps me busy. I like writing about sports mainly because I play them and I relate to them.”
As a sports journalist and active athlete, one might suspect that Andrew has an “all-time” moment, that time in pro-sports that endures the test of time. When asked what his “all-time” moment was, Andrew adamantly stated, “The iconic sports moment for me is when New York Giants football team in 2007 won against the undefeated New England Patriots and the “Helmet Catch.””
In a COVID world, traveling is definitely a challenge, but in a perfect world Andrew has already book his ticket! Above all, he mentioned that if he could go anywhere for a weeks vacation, no duties or regulations whatsoever, then he would book it straight for Jamaica, as he’s never been and thinks it looks pretty nice right about now. Look out for more from Andrew in the very near future!