Sallies Crossword #5-6


Mr. O'Brien

This week, we have two puzzles for you! Both of them celebrate our upcoming SST production available for streaming this weekend! (I won’t put the name of the show here for the sake of the solve below, but please check out the @salstheater social media accounts for details–it’s going to be great!) Take a look below the puzzles for a message from Mr. Bogad!

The first puzzle is a relatively easy “mini” (5×5) as a warm-up. Below that is a much tougher mid-sized puzzle (11×11) featuring all kinds of word play, sports, pop culture, etc. Good luck!

Sallies Mini #3:

Sallies Midi #2:

A message from Mr. Bogad: “The question of the weekend, you will have answered after you solve this puzzle…What does someone do when they feel like they’ve lost everything? What does someone do when they’re afraid? What do they do when they find themselves in a Dungeon…facing a Dragon? Visit to get your OnDemand link to find out…”