Sallies Winning Streak Sparks a Hostile and Heated Ending to a Great Game

Kareem Thomas, Reporting Journalist

Salesianum played Cape Henlopen on Monday April 19, with Sallies coming in at 4-0 and only allowing six points in those four games the team was very confident and felt great going into this game. It was a close game after the first quarter with the score being tied up at three. Sallies managed to pull away putting the score at 10-6 going into the fourth quarter, and ultimately win 11-10. The game was always competitive, but towards the end, tension was in the air.

Make no mistake: this tension pervaded through the entire student section. Freshman Rowyn Nurry said,”It was energetic and fun, I didn’t know the hatred we had for Cape but when the game started I automatically knew.” Even a new addition to the team could feel what was at stake. So when the refs made a questionable call, the student section would let them know what they thought of it! The game got so heated that it seemed like words wouldn’t be the only thing exchanged, but luckily it was. Even though no punches were thrown on the field, the student section did storm the field – whether this was unparalleled Salesian support or behavior most foul is up to the beholder to decide.