The Most Dramatic Two Days in European Football?

Andrew Ransome, Reporting Journalist

Soccer/Football is the most known sport in the world and they just came out with a surprise announcement on everyone. They come out with news that the European teams would break away and start a new organization called the European Super League. It would have consisted of the top 12 teams, progressively going all the way to 20 teams. The teams would have been Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus. It would have been great for the teams included as they would have been able to create so much revenue from it, but a lot of problems for others.

First, the other teams already struggle because Covid-19 affected their income already and because they aren’t as good they don’t make as much money. The new league for those teams would have affected their income even more, as now their game wouldn’t get as many fans coming to the games or watching the games. The Super League would have taken all their fans from them. The fans also weren’t happy about the league because that means their local professional teams wouldn’t be able to compete anymore. They started protests outside teams’ stadiums trying to get them to leave the league and saying it shouldn’t happen. Then, it almost turned into a civil war of emotions between organizations like FIFA against the Super League. They said how the Super League teams wouldn’t be able to compete for the World Cup if they form the League.

So, due to all the drama between the League and everyone else, the concept started to crumble. Manchester City pulled out due to fans and them not coming to games – they were the first founding member to pull out. This took everyone by shock and left the Super League executives concerned about everyone else. They were right to be concerned, as that night Arsenal and Tottenham announced their departures minutes to each other. Then, Manchester United and Liverpool announced they will not be a part of the league as well. With half the teams not a part of the league anymore and more to come, the Super League announced that the plan to have a Super League was no longer viable. The Super League would not have been all bad, though, as we would have seen the best players and teams compete against each other but things didn’t work out that way. Therefore, this was perhaps the most dramatic and unpredictable series of events in sports over two days in recent memory.