A Recap of the 2021 NFL Draft

With last year’s NFL draft being held online, many people were happy to hear that this year’s was to be in-person. It was held in Cleveland Ohio and lasted from April 29th to May 1st. The NFL Draft started off with Quarterbacks being drafted for spots one, two, and three. The Jacksonville Jaguars had the first pick, and they selected Trevor Lawrence from Clemson University. This was no surprise, given that they have had their eyes on him since 2018. The New York Jets had the second pick, and they selected Zach Wilson from Brigham Young University. They got some criticism from this pick because Zach Wilson’s college career was a bit rocky; he had a rough first two years in college, but ultimately he ended with a great third season. With the third pick, the San Francisco 49’ers selected Trey Lance. This was a risky decision, but many view it as an investment for the team.

The Eagles came through in the draft this year, drafting the Heisman Trophy Winner DeVonta Smith. This was the best value from a draft pick the Eagles have made since Carson Wentz in 2016. The Eagles traded picks with the Cowboys to seal this pick. Prior to the draft, many fans were questioning Howie Roseman’s and Jeffery Lourie’s knowledge on who to pick in the draft, because of last year making some questionable decisions. Interestingly enough, this is the third first-round wideout drafted by the Eagles in a row. In terms of those questionable choices from years past, it is in this reporter’s humble opinion that this year definitely makes up for them.

The Chicago Bears came up big in the draft, selecting Quarterback Justin Fields from Ohio State in the first round. Justin Fields was known to be one of the best quarterbacks in his draft class, so this was a steal. They also selected a few players for their offensive line. Moreover, the Los Vegas Raiders drastically changed their draft plans this year. They usually select skill players with almost all of their picks, yet this year, they did not select a single skill player. They mainly went for defensive players because of their poor defense in the 2020-2021 season. Overall, this was an interesting and entertaining NFL draft.