Stay Woke Club Hosts Special Afghanistan Series


Dylan Pandoli

A former lieutenant from the US military specializing in analyzing intelligence came to Salesianum to speak to the members of our Stay Woke club. He came to the school as a civilian, so we will not use his name in order to protect his identity. With his unique personal experiences in the military, he discussed with students his personal encounters with the Taliban and military leaders. He had been serving in Afghanistan for the past 3 years up until the recent subduction of soldiers from the war. 

After interviewing Mrs. Endrizzi, who organized the event, I learned more about her own opinion and the lieutenant’s discussion. My questions were varied and at times controversial so that I could get the fullest picture. Mrs. Endrizzi shared with me that she is most worried about the safety of the people in Afghanistan, given the Taliban’s access to extensive amounts of military equipment and technology following the U.S. exit. Our guest expressed concern for both America’s and Afghanistan’s future. 

The guest listed all of the ways in which terrorist attacks have occurred such as 9/11. With thousands dead and suffering injury, we must remember how those attacks happened. With US technology, he feels that they could be stirring up an attack this day. The final question I asked during our interview was about Ms. Endrizzi’s opinion on the soldiers leaving Afghanistan–I asked about whether she sees any potential positive and negative outcomes. She feels that the most significant positive is that the war had to end. Her biggest negative, speaking more broadly for most Americans, was the way we left and how we could have strategized more effectively. Mrs. Endrizzi feels that we made the common person in Afghanistan feel like the Taliban taking over was inevitable. Our guest lieutenant had mixed emotions too; he felt that it was like losing your best friend. As you serve in the military, you start to gain personal relationships. As he was leaving, he had to watch as friends and families screamed for help.