Sallies Puzzle #25 (Contest!)


Mr. O'Brien, Crossword Editor

This week, we have a Contest Puzzle!

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, look at the four yellow across answers (i.e. 17-, 24-, 45-, and 58-Across). There is a common thread shared among them. (Hint: It’s Sallies related! If you’ve been out of the building for a while, it might be useful to check a yearbook!)

To enter the contest, simply send a picture/screenshot of your completed puzzle and an explanation of the connection between the four answers to Mr. O’Brien at [email protected]. Correct answers will be entered into a raffle to win a gift card! (Note: solving speed does not matter for this contest!) If you’re stuck on the connection, feel free to simply send the completed puzzle to Mr. O’Brien anyway.

Prizes will be given out in three divisions: current students, faculty/staff, greater Salesian community (parents, friends, alumni, whomever!). Submissions will be accepted through Friday, January 28.

Good luck!