MLB Free Agency Frenzy and Lockout – What’s Next?


Alex McCrystal, Journalist

Since the beginning of the MLB offseason, there have been two major storylines: the free agency frenzy that ensued days before the lockout, and the prolonged stalemate of said lockout. Before the lockout, there was an enthralling period of time in which big name free agents signed massive contracts and deals. The most significant players who signed were those of big names, they are as follows: Justin Vaerlander, Starling Marte, Kevin Gausman, Robbie Ray, Max Scherzer, Javy Baez, Marcus Semien, Marcus Stroman, and Cory Seager. Players like Trevor Story, Nick Castellanos, and Kyle Schwarber all remain free agents. They must wait for the lockout to end. The discussions Rob Manfred and the MLB have with the Players Association (MLBPA), have been sparse. These discussions have been heated and unproductive. There have been incredibly predatory and offensive offers from Rob Manfed and the MLB, when it has been well documented that the player’s proposals have been perfectly reasonable. The lockout will end once the MLB owners stop trying to pinch pennies and concede incentives and accommodations to the players. As of now, the stalemate is mostly hinging on the money distribution and logistics of who gets paid. Baseball is at a standstill currently, and until the millionaire owners of the league give more freedoms and incentives to their players, the MLB will stay in the state of limbo. And soon, it may even threaten spring training, and in the worst case scenario, the regular season. But as fans, there is nothing we can do but sit, wait, and hope that America’s pastime can come back and flourish.