State Of Monkeypox Pandemic


Sam Felice

As cases of Monkeypox continue to rise, the thought of another lockdown may begin to worry people. With this sudden surge in cases it may be helpful to know the facts. 

     Monkeypox, unlike Covid spreads only through skin to skin contact, making it much less contagious than Covid. A person is contagious for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 4 starting from when they begin to show symptoms. It is also a possibility to contract the disease through animals. Petting or being bit by an infected animal can pass on the virus, in addition to eating any meat from a previously infected animal.

     Monkeypox is a rash that forms on the skin. Initially the rash is itchy and painful and looks like pimples or blisters before it scabs over. Symptoms usually occur around 3 weeks after exposure followed by rashes 1-4 days after. The Symptoms of monkeypox include a fever, chills, muscle aches and exhaustion, headache, and respiratory symptoms.

      Currently there are 47,652 global cases with 17,432 in the United States. Monkeypox is a non fatal disease with no reported fatalities. The vast majority of cases are found in middle aged men. Delaware has a total of 17 reported cases as of August 23, which has been slowly climbing over the past few weeks. The University of Delaware recently reported its first case on campus as of August 24.