Overtime is the Right Time

Gianluca Marroni and Jake Ross helped Salesianum defeat two formidable opponents over the last week

Shane Olexa, Sports Editor

The Salesianum varsity soccer team defeated both The Phelps School and Kingsway in two very tight games over the past week. Salesianum defeated Kingsway with a final score of 2-1 in overtime off of a stunning goal from Gianlucca Marroni on Thursday. The team took care of business against a 7-0 Phelps team in overtime with a final score of 3-2 on Saturday night. Jake Ross led the team with three goals. The team has performed well, even with the absence of the talented midfielder Sean Duffy who has missed the last two games with a minor hip injury. Duffy intends to play on Wednesday night when Salesianum takes on the 8-0 Spartans at Abessinio Stadium. 


The Salesianum backs have had their hands full with talented strikers from both Kingsway and Phelps, and it won’t get much easier. They’ll face a talented St. Marks’ attack on Wednesday. Salesianum should be able to out-possess the Spartans, and if the Spartans want to stay in the game, they’ll have to find a way to beat Salesianum off the counter attack.