Mornings Are Brighter With Breakfast

Here is an interview with Breakfast Club President Will Ansley about his new club.

Alexander McCrystal, Journalist

How was the club started? How’d it all come together? What was the inspiration?


I had the idea of my buddies and I getting together in the mornings on Wednesday to make breakfast because we don’t have Prep or Chapter that day. We all bought parking spaces together, so the first time was when we were using two parking spots and setting up a table with a camp stove there. There were a good number of people who wanted food that we couldn’t provide, so the idea for the club grew that day. We decided to do it every other week because 


How does the club work for those just learning of this?


We arrive to set up around 7:45, and by 8 people can arrive and pay $5 for a plate of food, with hot chocolate now offered extra since it’s pretty cold out. We give you a plate, and you can walk down the line putting together your desired meal. We have eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, fruit, OJ, and now, hot chocolate.


What was the most difficult part about making everything work and putting it to fruition? 


Buying just the right amount of food. We have to anticipate each time around the number of people that are gonna show up so that we don’t have spoiled food afterwards. 


What’s been the toughest part about keeping the club running? And what’s your favorite part about it?


The toughest parts been finding weeks that work for all of us helping to run it. SALT, the student athlete leadership team, meets once a month on Wednesdays, and working around that, as well as school trips where people are out has been a challenge. We try to stay consistent on a bi-weekly basis, but I’ll be honest I think we’ve only done that once so far.


Any new things planned in the future, or is where you are now right where you want to be?


We hope to keep this going as long as we can until it gets too cold, which we might still continue with through those months, but for now, we’ve settled into what we have currently, and it works.


Thanks once again to Will Ansley for his time and effort, and we hope this inspires you to go out and experience the breakfast club firsthand! Please visit the club’s Instagram page for important updates and information! Follow @salesianumbreakfastclub on Instagram! You won’t regret it!