Salesianum Soccer and its Winning Ways

A closer look into the dynasty of Salesianum soccer.

Alexander McCrystal, Journalist

Salesianum Varsity Soccer recently claimed its 11th state title in the last 12 years (18 of 21), a testament to its continued domination and reign over the Delaware soccer scene. The team is a total buzzsaw every year, consistently defeating the best the country has to offer. To learn more, here is the man behind the machine, Scott Mosier.


Q: How did you get into coaching soccer, and what was it like at the beginning of your tenure?


A:  I enjoyed coaching at a young age and started as a senior in high school.  I then coached throughout my college playing career in Asheville NC at UNCA, then in Charlotte at UNCC.  The beginning of my tenure at Salesianum started with a group that had seen St. Mark’s win six straight state championships.  They were the most determined group I’ve had here.  We had a talented team including a senior, Justin Romano who has been my assistant coach now for years.  Discipline and structure were the key ingredients to beating St. Mark’s in overtime in the state finals for the State Championship.  It was a great year.


Q: Was there a moment you can pinpoint as the beginning of this era of dominance? What is the most important event in this ridiculous run? 


A:  We had a few discipline problems my second year and a few seniors were dismissed from the team.  We ended up losing in the semi finals undermanned but still played well.  The combination of discipline, structure and talented players set the tone for a run of six in a row for us creating a really strong, established program.


Q: Do you have any fun stories you’d like to share about something that’s happened in your time as coach? 


A: Three times we have lost to in-state teams in the regular season, then beat them in the state tournament.  Those were fun games.  Beating the #1 team in the country, St. Benedicts Prep at their place when we were #7 in the country was memorable, finished #2 in the country that year.  Coach Dever jumping off of a skyscraper at the team’s request in Las Vegas is a great video to watch.  Traveling to Las Vegas, Louisville, Denver, Asheville, and VA Beach to name a few has been incredibly rewarding for the players and the program as a whole.  Always fun things that happen on those trips.


Q: What’s something you find special about this program, and what do you think makes it different? 


A:  The quality of our players is clearly what’s special about the program.  Myself and our staff are fortunate to have a group year in and year out that is strong and making them stronger is a fun challenge.  Administration allowing us to travel and play such a competitive out of state schedule is really important for a lot of reasons.  Playing such a tough schedule gets us ready for the state tournament as well.


Q: How do you make sure your players don’t become complacent and find new motivation every year even after all the success?


A:  Most of our guys are focused on getting better for college.  They train to develop individually and we all come together as a group of individuals to play at our best.  My motivation each year to try to get that particular group of players to come together to play at our highest possible level.


Q: Is there anything in particular you looking forward to in the future for the soccer program, something that excites you?


A:  New players each year is exciting because it brings new challenges and adjustments so it isn’t the same every year.


Q: Any last thoughts or something you want to share?


A:  Looking forward to traveling to Las Vegas with the group next year and eager to see where we end up.


Thank you to Mr. Mosier for his time and insight into our storied soccer program! The future is bright!