Idaho Murder Finally Comes To A Close After Seven Weeks Of Unrest


Samuel Felice

During the early hours of November 13, four college students were brutally murdered by a previously unknown suspect. University of Idaho students Madison Mogen, Kaylee Gonclaves, and Xana Kernodle decided to share a house off campus. The three students along with two others moved into a shared house about fifteen minutes off campus. The night of the murder Modgen and Gonclaves, lifelong friends, went out to a bar, stopping by a food truck before heading home. Witnesses didn’t report anything unusual about the two. Kernodle and her boyfriend Chapin were at a nearby frat party that night, and arrived back at the house around 1:45 a.m. that night. The three students along with Kenodle’s visiting boyfriend Ethan Cahpin were murdered by an unknown assailant 2:00 a.m. to 3 a.m.  At around 2:44 a.m. Kaylee made seven calls to her ex-boyfriend, who authorities referred as “Jack”, while her roomate, Madison made three calls to “Jack” as well. The autopsies revealed the four were murdered in their sleep. The two other roommates who were asleep on the first floor during the time of the homicides awoke the next morning unscathed. At around noon the two roommates, who remained anonymous for safety reasons, went up to check on the others on the second floor. Believing that they had “passed out” on the floor they called an ambulance and the police showed up soon after.

    The police were left with over one hundred pieces of evidence and multiple witness accounts, however they struggled to find the killer. The police released little to no information about the case and the town of Moscow, Idaho, a small college town of about 26,000 people was left shaken to the core. A father of one of the victims went so far as to call the police cowards for refusing to release more information about the death of his daughter. The police, although keeping the information regarding the case confidential, did say that the killer was still out there and stressed the importance for the people of Moscow to be careful and vigilant.

 The police however arrested a potential suspect on Friday December 30. Bryan C. Kohberger was arrested at his parent’s home in Pennsylvania. Kohenberger was pursuing a Phd. in criminal justice at Washington State University which is located only ten miles from Moscow, Idaho. He was charged with four accounts of first degree murder and is set to appear in court in Idaho on Tuesday. Police officials came out saying the individual who committed the crime is in custody and that the community is now safe.